The pit of social media

(This post is almost an English translation of a post in Tamil by my FB friend Dr.Rohini Krishna, an Ophthalmologist. When you read, “I” or “my”, it is not ‘me” or ‘mine’!)

In France one of the tourist attraction is a place where one can…

Intuitive Mindset

How long you can keep your hands up in the air in praying position? 5 minutes, or 10 minutes max? Just few years back, I had to keep my hands like this for more than 900 minutes….. i.e more than 12 hours like this. Any guess why I…

Assumption Mindset

“What Gopal, Selva seems to be not here. Is he on leave today?

“Yes sir. I was told that he has gone out of Chennai.”

I was very angry. This is not the first time he takes a day off on Friday. This is the third occasion.


Versatility Mindset

Childhood Hobbies

When I was a child, I had multiple hobbies like any other children. I used to play kites, do water coloring, go for hiking, play cricket etc. When I take up a new hobby, I put all my efforts and show at most passion. …

First Impression Mindset

Recently Ranjit, one of my friends, bought two different breeds of puppies. Though they were the same size, the look and feel of them were totally different. One was having a round face with a curvy bodyline. Another one was a bony guy with a lot of…

Appropriateness Mindset

Aeroflot 593, from Russian International Airlines

23rd March, 1994. Aeroflot 593, from Russian International Airlines, started its journey from Moscow to Hong Kong. The relief pilot, Yaroslav Kudrinsky, was on duty in the cockpit. He was taking his teen-aged daughter Yana and his teen-aged son Eldar on their first international flight.

On their first…

Integrity Mindset

It was a Monday morning. I was in a hurry. After grabbing all my things, I was about to wear my shoes….Ouch!

“Sundar…Sundar…wait…Your socks... There is a hole in the sock… take another one…”

“No….no…it is ok.. Jayanthi. Time is 7.45 and I am in a hurry…Who is…

Perfection Mindset

Michelangelo was asked by the pope about the secret of his genius, particularly in regards to the statue of David, largely considered to be the greatest sculpting masterpiece of all time. Michelangelo responded by saying,

“It’s simple. I just removed everything that is not David.”

What makes this…

Persuasion Mindset

Pancha Pandava Friends

Shankar, Dinesh, Mohan, Selva, Ashok and Manoj were my pancha pandava friends. We used to do many things together, but it requires an herculean effort to convince all of them to assemble at one place. …

Clarity Mindset

Do you know the difference between Jalebi and a Jangry? Many of us think that both are same. But few of us can differentiate between a Jalebi and a Jangry. Recently when I visited my aunt’s place, my aunt offered me delicious sweets along with hot coffee. I…

Sundararaman Chintamani

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